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Grooming Floor Plans

cd3-button Floor Plan Concepts for Pet Groomers (Book with CD)

Pages: 85    Format: Spiral Bind    Cover Price: $39.95

Click the large Play button below to reveal our audio player. Then click the Play button on the player to listen to an important short audio introduction. The importance of your floor plan to creating a safe and efficient operation should never be underestimated. Pet owners will notice too. Please listen.

Tired of Noisy, Inefficient and Stressful Grooming Spaces?

icon-cdguideFloor Plan Concepts for Pet Groomers CD & User Guide provides you with state-of-the-art concepts to develop custom pet care business floor plans. All floor plans are described below, some with samples. Our models include small one-person grooming businesses to major pet care centers with grooming departments within boarding, daycare, retail and veterinarian facilities. Whether you have 300 square feet or thousands, we have plans for you.

Thousands of groomers have never heard nor seen several of our superior design features, such as Silent Rooms, Noise Abatement Rooms and more surprises. In some models pet owners can enter and hear soft music playing even though 50 pets are on-site and dryers, vacuums and more equipment are turned on.

Floor Plan Concepts for Pet Groomers CD includes files of all the floor plans, including copies with Line-of-Sight Safety Analysis. Our floor plans even include Sales Forecasts showing you how much revenue you can possibly generate a year. Every plan has extensive commentary, design hints and directives and tips for materials and supplies. Be sure to view the Table of Contents below. There is simply nothing else like this CD and User Guide for the grooming industry.

Remember we are not providing you with drawing software. You can hand draw your custom plan with pencil and ruler. You can print our JPG and PDF versions on the CD. We used SmartDraw® software to design our plans, and our original files are on the CD in SmartDraw® format. Get your copy of SmartDraw® (free trial version may be available) and you can load and edit our plans! SmartDraw® has dozens of other uses for business owners for presentations, flow charts and much more. See www.smartdraw.com for more product information.

If you are working with an architect to create formal plans your professional will enjoy working with our concepts. Many of our readers have given the Floor Plan Concepts for Pet Groomers CD to their architects and space design professionals. Most architects don’t know the specific needs of groomers, let alone Silent Rooms, Cattery Grooming Rooms or Noise Abatement Rooms. When possible, we will answer questions from your architect if you are a registered owner of this CD and Guide.

There’s much more in the User Guide too. We give you tips for materials and design, and an organizer to plan your purchases to build out your business. You will appreciate state-of-the-art knowledge on how we design the most unique professional grooming shops, small or large. Nothing like this is available anywhere else in the pet industry let alone grooming. Use the Table of Contents link below for extended detail on what is included.

More Information About Pet Groomer Wage Systems CD

Here is more detail on the content of the CD and User Guide.

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If your computer does not have a CD drive we can provide you with the files on a USB flash drive. Please request the USB drive when you place your order.

Included with All Floor Plans Provided on the CD

All floor plans appear twice in print within the User Guide. The secondary copy includes “line-of-sight” safety analysis overlaid on the original floor plan. The CD has digital copies of each floor plan in JPG, PDF and SmartDraw® formats. Only SmartDraw® versions may be customized with floor plan software if you acquire at your cost a license for the SmartDraw® program downloadable at www.smartdraw.com. They may offer a free trial version.

Specific Floor Plans Provided on the CD

Pet Grooming Shop 300 Model – Storefront


The perfect floor plan for a 300 square foot pet grooming shop suitable for one-person business, or a groomer and one bather. Including client relations area, grooming area and a bathing and drying area. Plenty of storage and room for some retail.

Some groomers use this floor plan for a garage conversion but we do provide a garage conversion floor plan as well.

The sample below has been colorized to help prevent copying. The floor plans are provided in the User Guide and CD are crisp black and white drawings.

You can also modify this floor plan adapting it to serve as a grooming department added to pet business such as a boarding, veterinarian or daycare facility.

Pet Grooming Shop 500 Model – Storefront

What could be done with the “300 model” by adding another 200 square feet? A lot. The “500 model” has the look and feel of a larger pet grooming salon but with just 500 square feet. It is suitable for a roomy one person business, or a groomer and up to 2 employees. We even made room for a manager’s office and a second groomer workstation.

You can also modify this floor plan adapting it to serve as a grooming department added to multiple service pet businesses such as boarding, veterinarian or daycare facilities.

Pet Grooming Salon 1200 Model – Storefront


The sample above has been colorized to help prevent copying. The floor plans are provided in the User Guide and CD are crisp black and white drawings.

We’ve optimized what can be done with 1,200 square feet. The added features make this model perfect for a reasonable size salon or spa with some staff. Here are some professional features:

  1. Manager’s office
  2. Three groomer workstations
  3. Expanded retail and more spacious reception area
  4. Pre-grooming inspection table capable
  5. Separate Cattery and grooming table
  6. Noise abatement room within bathing department
  7. Kitchen area
  8. Washer and dryer
  9. Second bathing tub with closet for shampoo distribution system
  10. Separate prep and drying counters in bathing department

Note: If you are using Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper & Sampler CD by Grooming Business in a Box®, this floor plan is ideal for The Mary Groomer sample business plan.

Pet Grooming Salon 200o Corner Unit Model – Storefront

The “2000 model” is an amazing upgrade to the Pet Grooming Salon 1200 Model. It’s a 2,000 square foot corner unit with only one shared wall with other tenants, and more natural light. Amazing features include a true grooming “Silent Room” and more noise abatement features. Your customers can walk in and hear only soft music and clippers humming even with several dryers, central vacuum and clipper vacuum running in the bathing department. Many groomers have never worked in such a peaceful yet busy atmosphere. Your pet salon will be the talk of the town.
The floor plan improvements over the highly-rated Pet Grooming Salon 1200 Model are:

  1. Enlarged retail area
  2. More natural light
  3. Five groomer workstations
  4. Larger Cattery with room for 2 groomers (or pet massage room)
  5. Silent Room (See Chapter 2)
  6. Ample room for employee lockers
  7. Larger kitchen
  8. Larger Noise Abatement Room
  9. Two traffic routes from the Client Relations Dept into operations
  10. Pre-grooming inspection table in Client Relations Dept.

Note: If you are using Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper & Sampler CD by Grooming Business in a Box®, this floor plan is ideal for The Mary Groomer sample business plan.

Garage Conversion Pet Grooming Shop 400 Model

More and more groomers are converting their home garages into a work-at-home grooming business. However, don’t begin such a project without checking local zoning ordinances to see if it is legal to operate a business in your home. Our plan is 400 square feet with plenty of room to groom, and still be able to store some household goods too. Easily adapted to home basement shops rather than a garage.

Garage Conversion Pet Grooming Shop 400 Model with Utility Room

All the features of the standard garage conversion 400 model above but we know some groomers don’t have a utility room inside their home. Therefore we divided the garage into a grooming business plus the homeowner has all the conveniences of a private, separate utility room. Easily adapted to home basement shops rather than a garage.

Pet Care Center 4320 Model – Standalone Building

The Pet Care Center 4320 Model – Standalone is dream come true for very motivated pet grooming business owners who want to offer more than grooming services. Over 4,320 square feet of space for a truly state-of-the-art salon and spa, plus room for a pet boutique, pet foods, and a veterinary clinic or pet hotel even. The pride of any town is this model. The Pet Care Center 4320 Model has all the features of the Pet Grooming Salon 2000 Model – Corner Unit floor plan, and a few more.
The grooming department requires about one-third of the overall square footage.

New features or optional uses include:

  1. Classroom or training room, expandable for school
  2. Separate rest rooms for men and women, and a public rest room
  3. Video monitors in the client relations area
  4. Expanded retail including boutique, bakery and pet foods
  5. Room to operate a pet hotel, indoor daycare or veterinary clinic
  6. Double set of sequential entry doors, stops fleeing pets!
  7. Retail inventory storage room

Pet Boutique with Grooming Dept 3132 Model

Perhaps you simply want to add a decked out professional Grooming Department to your business. We’ve had dozens of consultation clients add them to veterinary practices, boarding and especially pet boutique operations. Here’s the ultimate grooming add-on. You can increase or decrease as needed the boutique area shown to meet your needs. What is most important is the Grooming Department has been located and designed to BE QUIET and not disturb your clientele in other departments. It has the upscale features of the Pet Grooming Salon 2000 Model situated perfectly in a high end boutique, and even room for pet food sales and inventory storage. Very adaptable. Here’s the right way to a grooming department.

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