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Crystal Grooming Achievement Award Nomination 1997 in Journalism for our book, From Problems to Profits
Crystal Grooming Achievement Award Nomination 2000 in Journalism for PetGroomer.com
Crystal Grooming Achievement Award Nomination 2004


While not a Grooming Business in a Box® product, we are also the creators of the multiple award-winning PetGroomer.com.

Grooming Business in a Box® Books with Digital Files (CD or USB Flash Drive)

“Wow is all I can say. I have never seen grooming wage systems explained so well and compared anywhere in the industry. I never thought groomers earning a lower commission would make bigger checks and they love it, yet I make more as the owner. I thought you were lying in your advertising, sorry. You promised to destroy compensation myths and you did it with proof. Why doesn’t every employer know this information? I am going to save thousands without lowering pay levels.” Kayra Smith, San Diego, CA

“I have employed groomers for 16 years and now realize I could have saved thousands of dollars every year and not cut wages. Of course! That is how you do it. The ideas in in Pet Groomer Wages will save employers thousands of dollars and employees still get paid the same or better. Remarkable, I just don’t know what else to say. You convinced me, a know-it-all owner. Buy this CD employers!” Mark Tonnen, Houston, TX

“QUIET! QUIET! My business is so quiet now. We constructed a noise abatement room as part of using your floor plan advice. OMG! What a difference. Why did I wait so long? We love it! We didn’t believe you but it’s true. We can play soft music and hear it now!”  Tammy Dreller, Chicago, IL

“We would have never thought of the floor plan ideas you provide! Fantastic ideas. Counter drying has made all the difference, and my customers love how quiet the salon has become. It’s been worth the long wait to get this information.”  Jill Scott, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper is the best business plan software imaginable in the pet industry, maybe anywhere. The User Guide alone was an amazing education. I am blown away at the quality and ease of use. My accountant raved at what I had done using it.” Earl Angstrom, Chicago, IL

“I am a third year student studying Agribusiness. For the ‘Corporate Business Management’ unit I submitted the first component of the assessment and was awarded a high distinction. I owe this to Grooming Business in a Box® and ‘From Problems to Profits’, and I have full confidence that these tools will allow my client and I to path the way to success for her grooming business, ‘Pure Paws’. I can honestly say that the Madson Management System far exceeds any marketing claims. After studying management, law, marketing, agricultural sciences, finance and accounting I am simply astonished at how simple the Madson Management System is to use, while still effectively covering every aspect of business management. The whole industry would benefit from the Madson Management System. The underlying principals would benefit industries across the globe. This is a product that is able to cross social, political, cultural and economic borders, which is no mean feat! I don’t know if you know this or not, but by 2050 it will be the first time in history that there actually wont be enough food to feed the world. There are billions of dollars spent on research and development, but getting producers to adopt technology is a huge concern. If the agricultural sector had a product like this, I sincerely believe the outcome could be changed.” Melissa Jardine, W. Australia

“Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper & Sampler worked as promised! I submitted my business plan and received rave reviews from the bank. Our loan was approved within days! I almost felt guilty when the loan officer told me that the minute she started to read the Plan she got very excited and knew that we were people the bank wanted to do business with! THANK YOU! Without the guidance of the Grooming Business in a Box® we would have struggled to even know where to start – let alone be able to layout the information in a clear and concise fashion in terms the bank would immediately understand.”  J.A.


From Problems to Profits Book

“From Problems to Profits heralds a long-awaited evolution of the pet grooming industry. it eliminates the stereotypical image of a pet grooming business. Inspires and directs the reader to a new level of awareness for establishing a well-managed, ethical and humane pet care business.” Belton Mouras, Secty-General
United Animal Nations

“I just want to tell you that I got your book (From Problems to Profits) and read it cover to cover 3 times before I opened up my grooming shop 18 months ago while I was still in pet grooming school. It was the best $40 I have EVER spent or will spend. Your plan for the $10K reserve is an absolute MUST and the marketing and client base increase plans are idiot-proof! I followed every word in your book when I opened my salon and I had only 25 clients starting out, and they were all people I knew personally. Within 3 months, I had 235 clients, within 6 months 592 clients, and at the end of my first year I had 1605 clients. The salon was opened at 7am for the early bird clients that commuted to work and closed at 10pm Mon-Sat and 10-4pm on Sunday. At $37 each, you do the math. I now have a full staff and a manager and concentrate on the training and continuing education of staff at all levels. I pay everyone a salary and a $25 bonus for every client they refer after the client’s third appointment. During 2003 we will begin to offer canine day care and dog obedience training. It has been an awesome year! I could not have done it without your book and sound business advice. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Carmen Stine

“What a fascinating and powerful blueprint on a unique profession that is certain to profit many in the years ahead.” Og Mandino, Author/Speaker

“Thank you for making us so proud. We went into the bank to get a loan with the business plan you wrote and they said it was one of the best small business plans they had ever seen. We got first class treatment. We could have NEVER written a business plan of this quality without your services.” Anna Storm, Houston, TX
“If anyone is thinking about going to the Becoming the Business Person That Grooms workshop, I would like to strongly encourage you. I am one of the people that just returned from the last workshop in Santa Clara, CA and by the second day I had gained enough info to pay for my entire trip from Atlanta! I had already been implementing a large part of the system in From Problems to Profits, but didn’t realize how much more I could be doing and earning…if you haven’t read the book, read it! If you’ve read it and haven’t followed it, just do it! You will be greatly rewarded.” Vicki Hargett, Owner, International Academy of Pet Design, Alpharetta, GA

“I was thrilled for the first time to say to my students that I could supply From Problems to Profits to them…it will help them so much.” Melissa Verplank, CMG, Director of Paragon Institute of Pet Grooming & Author of Notes From the Grooming Table and Learn2GroomDogs.com

“While looking for a grooming job I met many grooming business owners that complained about this and that, on and on. Then I interviewed with a wonderful business owner who was so jazzed about her twelve year old booming salon. I asked her what was her secret, and she showed me your book From Problems to Profits. That’s who I went to work for!” Debra Laskey, Puyallup, WA

“When I decided to enroll in your pet grooming business course, I never imagined it to be such a warm, personal yet insightful and inspiring experience. You managed to bring wisdom to the course that one could only learn through several lifetimes. I was very touched by your sincerity and gentleness. You are an example that one can balance the spirit and mind and be successful in the business world. I thank you for sharing such success with the rest of the world.” Michele Magliulo Sonoma, CA
“Why didn’t I read your book and go to your workshop years ago. I guess a lot of us groomers are know-it-all’s about running our businesses because we are good groomers, but there’s always a lot more to learn about running our businesses. Thank God for The Management System and the good people at The Madson Group, Inc…every groomer should be required to go to your workshop. You blew me away with information I never got anywhere before. Bravo!” Sally Dickinson, Kansas City, MO

“Like ostriches with heads stuck in the ground most groomers don’t like to learn more about running their shops. What a sad mistake. We skipped a trade show and went to your private workshop after reading From Problems to Profits. I wasn’t prepared to learn so much. I wanted to scream out loud to the whole industry YOU SHOULD BE HERE! Thank you for all that you are doing and don’t stop telling groomers that they need to listen about the business side of grooming…plus you made it FUN to learn business!” Mark Thomas, London, Ontario

“…my accountant reported an improvement in our net profit of 50%…you further helped us in developing our business plan. I have been able to approach loan institutions with extremely positive responses. One loan officer told me in his 20 years of banking he had never seen such a well-planned and thorough business plan and even asked for a copy to keep as a reference. Another officer told me I was in the top 20% of businesses for even having a business plan, and in the top 5% for having one so thoroughly put together…now my wife and I are seeing our dream of a strong, healthy and growing business become a reality.” Richard Cleveland, Safari Pet Resort, Murfreesboro, TN

“Team Trimming scared me at first, but what a fool I was. Now, my lead groomers do nothing but finish trimming most of the day and never bathe pets anymore, and they say they would never go back to doing dogs start to finish. They feel better, love their work, and have much more time to develop master skills. Guess what? I am even paying them higher wages yet our business is netting more profit. We probably lost thousands of dollars in the past following the old ways that grooming shop owners pay their groomers. Oh well, we love it now! The world needs to use The Madson Management System. It’s a miracle!” Diana Fong, Dallas, TX

“I couldn’t attend the 5 day Becoming the Business Person That Grooms Workshop. So I found a groomer friend and we booked a Private Consultation instead. You were so kind and patient with us. As promised we left with a plan of action to answer all the problems we found in growing our businesses without stress. I know I have never felt better about working with pets. It was the best gift I ever gave myself, and my friend is doing the same. Don’t miss out groomers.”  Jan Sims, Garland, TX
“..all I can say is, if groomers don’t choose to follow From Problems to Profits, they just don’t know what they don’t know.” Betty Moore,  Moore Pet Center, OK
“I have never read a more complete and detailed guide to the operation of a small business. It is much more than a how to book for pet groomers. It is a clear, concise outline for achieving success…you have written a masterpiece.” John W. Brees, DVM

“I cannot find the words to tell you how proud I am of my business plan prepared by you. In 20 years I could have never thought out all the matters you worked over. You have truly awesome insight into the business of pet care. The bank raved about the plan and I went from feeling like an average groomer to a smart business person, someone I never thought I could be…your hard work to perfect my plan really shows. If anyone is thinking about a plan, get one written. I bet you will save thousands of dollars in the future operating a more professional and profitable business.” Mandy Knight, Miami, Florida

Management Consultation Services

“Your consultation fee is so reasonable considering the quality of the information and service you provided. We had to scrape the money together for the trip but it really was the best investment in my new shop. Your information saved me at least $20,000 and I am going to have a far better floor plan and equipped business. You made my dream come true. There are hundreds of groomers that need your consult and I encourage them to find a way today, they just don’t know what they’re missing!” Tori Smith, NYC

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